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#19. Runesmith Explains the Sunken Isles
Feb 10, 2022

#19. Runesmith Explains the Sunken Isles

@Runesmith returns once more to dive even deeper into the Sunken Isles, their new 5e adventure module. We explore the monster statblocks, including the mighty Shrimp Lord! Dael still hasn’t seen The Legend of Vox Machina, James explores 5e condition mechanics, and Ben gushes about violent dragon attacks!

The Sunken Isles
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Ben: @Melb_DM
Dael: @DailyDael
James: @jameshaeck
Logan: @the_runesmith

08:43 – Runesmith on the Sunken Isles
12:21 – Monster Stat Blocks
18:57 – Sunken Isles Inspiration
24:30 – Stretch Goals
32:40 – The Legend of Vox Machina Weekly Check-in
35:42 – Drawing Inspiration from Fantasy Television
46:55 – Email Question: Expanding on 5e Conditions

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