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#16. Choosing Monsters & Magical Damage
Jan 20, 2022

#16. Choosing Monsters & Magical Damage

Shawn unveils Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire to the public and we discuss building encounters around our favorite monsters. Ben and Dael debate Fire Elementals vs a bucket of water, and just how magical is that magical weapon?

Ben: @Melb_DM
Dael: @DailyDael
Shawn: @shawnmerwin
Logan: @the_runesmith

00:00 – Intro
05:29 Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire
10:43 – Choosing monsters for encounter building
17:39Stibble’s Codex of Companions
21:22 – Modifying monster stat blocks
27:05 – Damage resistances, immunities and vulnerabilities
37:06 – Magic weapon damage and nonmagical damage
53:31 – American vs Australian bakeries

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