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The Dark Side of the Dwarves

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The dwarven race is surely one of the most iconic races in epic fantasy literature. Either we discuss the quests of the dwarven company, guided by the brave Thorin Oakenshield in Tolkien's The Hobbit, or we read about the adventures of...
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Playtest V3.0 & General Update

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Hello all, are you ready for the Playtest V3.0 Release?! Welcome to 2020! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday period and have started the new year with friends, family or those you love. We have had a nice...
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Playtest V1.1: Live!

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It’s that time again! We have finally returned to Playtest 1.0 and with your feedback, implemented some changes we feel are for the better. So, let’s get stuck into the newest playtest, v1.1. Playtest v1.1 is the updated version of...
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Playtest V2.0

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With October flying by, 2019 is nearly done! But before our overtly cheery friends can start putting up Christmas decorations, it’s time to celebrate Halloween. So grab your spooky costumes, setup your horror-themed tables and print some character sheets, because...
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A Grim Hollow(een)

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So.. this update seems a little overdue! With the immense success of Grim Hollows Kickstarter, we very quickly found ourselves swamped with very little free time, something we hadn’t quite expected but were pleasantly surprised to be working through. Now...
Grim Hollow Playtest V1.0 - Header Image

Playtest V1.0

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Grim Hollows first playtest; Playtest V1.0 is here! It has finally arrived! You can access Grim Hollow's Playtest v1.0 here with this: LINK. Playtest v1.0 is here and ready for all. The purpose of this playtest is to assess the quality...
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