Hey there everyone!

And that’s it, our Arora: The Age of Desolation Kickstarter has officially come to a close! Thanks to all the 5,330 backers who contributed to fund this new project. US$533,285 in funding is an absolutely achievement, and we are grateful to everyone who helped create this setting, conceptualised it’s beauty, and brought it to life. We just wanted to take a moment to say a special thank you to a few certain people without whom Arora: The Age of Desolation wouldn’t be what is today!


New 5e Survival System

A brand-new survival system for your 5th Edition campaign. This system gives you all the tools that you need to run an awe-inspiring, thematic, and gritty survival session with the defined rules and mechanics that deliver a solid foundational structure for adventuring in a world of extreme wilderness challenges.

Improved 5e Exploration System

Exploring the realms of Arora in the Age of Desolation is pivotal to survival for the humanoid survivors of the Five Realms. This improved exploration system provides a solid set of mechanics and rules to bring the exploration pillar of play back to the forefront in your campaign.

Innovative 5e Character Creation System

Creating characters is all a part of the fun! This new and innovative character creation system gives your players the option to build their characters from a huge choice of dnd species ancestral traits. No one being in Arora is the same, all characters have their own unique ancestral abilities.

Evolved 5e Advantage System

The Advantage system for Dnd5e was revolutionary, a game-changer. We have taken this amazing system and evolved it even further. This robust system allows players (and GMs) to elect for alternative benefits over the standard 2d20 Advantage System that base 5th Edition offers if they so choose.

Did you miss the Kickstarter?

You still have time to purchase the Late Pledges and be amongst the first ones!

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